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Hello friends, Welcome to our blog once again. Today our topics are facebook, we are going to learn how to create a facebook account, how to manage all its features, what is the need for Facebook. To create facebook account Gmail, welcome to facebook new account, create a facebook account with a mobile number, credit new account facebook, create new account, new facebook account registration form, create FB account without a phone number, how to create facebook account step by step.

Here, your age must be at least approx. 15 year old... Then you can able to create a new Facebook account...
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Step 1:- Go to Browser like (Chrome, Firefox, & opera etc…)
Step 2:- search or
Step 3:- you can show below a new window of Facebook.

Then enter details in creating an account:-
  • First name.
  • Surname.
  • Mobile no.  / email id.
  • Password.
  • DOB (date of birth).
  • Gender (male or female).
  • Then. Click sign up button.

Step4:- To finish creating your account, you need must confirm your email or cell phone (mobile)no. 

After sign up, you can log in securely. and Always remember your email Id. And password for login again.

How to manage the Facebook account in the official app.

If you are not logged in into your account. Then, log in your FB account first.  Now you can see some interface in your screen.
Now I Will telling how to manage your account which will look very beautiful.

For profile related setting.

Step1:- Go to the right corner of your FB account screen and click the three line button and then click the view your profile.

After these process, you will be reached your profile screen.

Step2:- click the photo. 

You will have open three option. First take a new profile video, select profile video, and select profile picture.

Step3:- click the select profile picture. Select your choice pic from your memory storage. Then you will have some option for setting your picture. If you don’t want to set these feature.

step3:- then click Use button which is in your right corner.

Congrats, finally your profile picture will be shown in your FB account.

For a change  the cover photo:

Step4:- click the Edit button (for change the cover photo). 

Step 5:- choose Upload photo (and choose your choice photo from your memory storage). Then hold on the picture and move it for adjusting the image for the better look. 

Step 6:- and then click the Save button.

Finally, your cover photo will be also attached in behind your profile picture. Now for managing your details follow the step below:-

Step7:- for your details.

Click edit details button (customize your introduction). Add all Detail as:-

  •    Current city
  •    Hometown
  •    Add work
  •    Add high school
  •    Add university and
  •    Add relationship status
After fill up your all details click the save button. Your details now are shown on your profile. 
Note that:- your pic and details will reach automatically on the public if you have select public. If you want to make your detail keep it in private only for you, click this link and read all content seriously for that.
I hope you guys will know how to create a Facebook account, how to manage all its features, and all its processes.
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