Gmail is a product of Google, it has been created by working people working in Google. It was launched in April 2004. Gmail is a very product of work. With this help you can do a lot of work at home, such as you can mail someone, talk to someone online,

Your office work can be completed quickly by Gmail. If you have a Gmail account today, you can take advantage of all Google free products and services.

First people could write their letters to others by posting them and posting them by post. There was a lot of time in it. But with the help of Gmail today, in any mobile or computer of any of Gmail, they can tell their message by sending their Gmail to Gmail immediately.

What is Gmail and what is its use?

Gmail is a free service through Google. Anyone can use it for free, to use it, you have filled out a small form on and after that, you will become a Gmail ID. After that, you can avail the benefits of this service through your Gmail ID, as well as other free services and products of Google.

Today, people using the Gmail ID are using all the internet. When you download an app in your mobile, it lets you take advantage of the services of downloading the app only after you've got Gmail. 

It is easy to create a free Gmail Email account if you follow the below step:-

The requirement for New Gmail account

First name & Last name*
Suitable email id*
Strong password*
Mobile number*
Recovery email address*
DOB (date of birth)*
Gender (male /female)*


Step 1:-  Go to Gmail .com or

Step 2:- Click the Create Account.
                  And then you show a new window like in the image below.

Now fill up your details in the box. As:-
Step 3:- First Name _______, last name_________.

         Choose suitable email id as you want to make:
Step 4:- “

         Now to necessary to fill password and confirm the password for security.

Step 5:- Password   &  Confirm password

Step 6:- Then click the NEXT button for performing more task.

Step 7:- Enter the Phone number (optional) and just below.

Step 8:- Recovery {Alternate} email address (optional) .

Note:-this is also a good information for the new user.  Because Google uses this type of Information to protect your account policy and to always allow you to recover the lost password. 
Step 9:- Enter your DOB (date of birth).
Month ________, Day__________, Year ___________.
Step10:-Choose your real gender.

Step11:- Then click NEXT button to perform some important task.

After completing more above task. Now the most important condition will be shown in the picture.
Read all Privacy and Terms very Carefully...

then now read all privacy and term, after read click on agree button.
Step12:- Then click   I AGREE with Button.
Note that:- here, you are asked to verify your mobile number.
  Finally, your Gmail account successfully created according to the above step. And Login to your Gmail account in the new window.

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